26 March 2014, Wednesday, 11:48

Alexander Degtyarev is issued a commendation of the President of Russia

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

The State Duma deputy from Bashkortostan Alexander Degtyarev is issued a commendation of the President of the Russian Federation. Such encouragement was made due to his labour achievements, many years of fruitful work and active lawmaking activity.

Alexander Degtyarev was elected to the Duma in the federal list of candidates nominated by the All-Russian political party United Russia.

He was born on April 8, 1952 in Birsky region of Bashkortostan Republic. He graduated from Ufa State Aviation Technical University. PhD ( 1985), Doctor of Economics (2002), Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the member of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences.

From 1990 to 2011 he was the Rector of Ufa State Academy of Economics and Service, the head of economic theory and global economy department.

Since 2011 Alexander Degtyarev  was the Deputy of the State Duma. The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education. Member of the "United Russia" faction.

Deputy of the State Assembly of Bashkortostan Republic of the third convocation (2003-2008), the fourth convocation (2008-2012).

In 2013 he became the head of the State Duma Committee for Parliamentary Ethics.

The member of the Presidium of the Political Council of Bashkortostan Branch of United Russia.