24 March 2014, Monday, 14:48

In Russia summer will be dry, but not so hot as in 2010 - forecasters

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Forecasters predict high fire hazard in the summer on a background of low amounts of precipitation. However, they say that a situation should not be similar to the one that occurred in 2010.

According to the long-term forecast of the Russian Hydrometeorological Centre for the upcoming warm season in April the temperatures will be close to the norm or above it in the European territory of the country. And excess rainfall is expected in Western Siberia and Yakutia, agroobzor.ru reports.

According to the director of the Hydrometeorological Centre Roman Vilfand, the temperatures will be significantly higher than the norm at the end of March throughout the country.

In May, the lack of rainfall in the Southern Federal District and the Volga region can lead to early onset of the fire hazardous season.

June and July are expected to be warm enough against low amounts of precipitation. These data were based on the probabilistic analysis in Central Russia. In August there will be a shortage of rainfall in the Southern Federal District, the temperature pattern is projected within the normal range.

Meanwhile, as Roman Vilfand emphasized, meteorologists basing on mathematical calculations were not able to predict accurately the probability of precipitation and temperature values.

According to him, the long-term prognosis by the Russian Hydrometeorological Centre represents data with a probability greater than 60 percent on temperatures and not more than 50 percent on humidity and precipitation.