24 March 2014, Monday, 11:45

Olga Vilukhina won bronze at pursuit race on her birthday

author: Dmitry Slezin

In Norwegian Holmenkollen the final, ninth stage of the Biathlon World Cup takes place. The Russian Olga Vilukhina, alumnus of Bashkir Sports won the bronze medal in 10 km pursuit race with four shootings.

“I have a birthday today, I'm so glad that I managed to present myself such a wonderful gift”, Vilukhina said. “This is my first podium of the season at the World Cup. Taking into account that at the Olympics I won two silver medals, I can say that I had a good season. After all, it was only my first Olympics. I am very happy.”

Anastasiya Kuzmina from Slovakia won the pursuit, Tora Berger from Norway was the second.