21 March 2014, Friday, 16:05

Industrial production index in Bashkiria in February 2014 amounted to 97.9 percent

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Index of industrial production in Bashkortostan Republic in February 2014 was 97.9 percent compared to February 2013, 96 percent to January 2014 , and in January-February 2014 — 99.5 percent to the similar period of the last year, according to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency.

The following economic activities made impact on the decline: manufacture of rubber and plastic products (46.9 percent compared to January -February 2013), pulp and paper products, publishing and printing industry (77.3 percent), textile and clothing industry (98 2 percent). However, the increase was observed in the production of foodstuffs, vehicles and equipment, electrical equipment, leather, footwear and leather products (112,9-115,4 percent), machinery and equipment (110.3 percent). Generation and distribution of electricity, gas and water increased by 8.2 percent, metallurgical industry, chemical industry — by 6,2-6,7 percent, manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products, wood processing — by 3.5-4.2 percent, production of petroleum products — by 0.9 percent.

Across the Russian Federation industrial production index was 100.9 percent compared to January -February 2013. In the Volga Federal District, the positive trends in industrial production were registered in the Republic of Mordovia (110.5 percent compared to January-February last year), in the Chuvash Republic (106.6 percent), the Perm region (104.7 percent), the Orenburg region (101.2 percent), the Republic of Tatarstan (101 percent). Industrial sector activities in the other nine regions of the district are characterized as lagging behind.