21 March 2014, Friday, 14:48

YTD gross milk in Bashkiria reached 262.7 thousand tons

author: Galina Bakhshieva

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan, gross milk production in the republic since the beginning of this year amounted to nearly 262.7 thousand tons, of which 111.5 thousand tons were sold.

Agricultural enterprises and farms received and sold about 120 and 103.3 thousand tons of milk during this time.

Agricultural enterprises of Chekmagushevsky and Sterlitamaksky regions still have the highest rates of gross milk yield and sales. From the beginning of the year about 9.2 and over 9.1 thousand tons of milk, respectively were produced and sold in Chekmagushevsky region. Almost 8.6 and over 7.8 thousand tons were produced and sold in Sterlitamaksky region.

In Dyurtyulinsky region these figures now reach 6.4 and 5.9 thousand tons, in Ilishevsky — 5.5 and 4.8 thousand tons, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB reports.