19 March 2014, Wednesday, 16:26

500 million rubles will be directed for building of the second Zaton Bridge across the River White in 2014

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

500 million rubles will be allocated in 2014 to build the second Zaton Bridge across the River White, the general director of "Mostootryad No. 30" JSC "Uralmostostroy" Pavel Rabukhin reports.

According to him, this is not the final sum, there are some plans to increase the limit, but the decision is not taken so far. Total construction cost is 4.8 billion rubles.

The bridge will be located adjacent to the existing road bridge over the River White, 40 metres upstream. It is planned to organize three-lane traffic on the bridge. This facility will relieve the way out of town to the west and will provide connection between the federal highway M-5 "Ural" and M-7 "Volga".

Construction of the second bridge over the River White began in October 2013. Currently, workers assemble the supports; already six of planned 11 have been installed. The bridge length will be 942 metres. Car traffic restrictions during the construction are not planned.

The object is scheduled for commissioning in 2016.