19 March 2014, Wednesday, 14:02

Flooding in Bashkiria is expected to be at long-term averages – forecast

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Flooding in Bashkortostan is expected to be at long-term averages, it was stated at the first this year meeting of the Republican flood commission.

According to preliminary estimates, the level of the river White basin in Sterlitamak will be 390-490 cm (50 cm below norm), in Ufa — from 670 to 770 cm (10 cm below norm), Birsk — from 680 to 780 cm (up to 10 cm).

In case of long periods of high air temperatures it is expected earlier breakup of the ice on rivers — by 7-10 days, it was stressed at the meeting in the Government of Bashkortostan.

Breakup of the rivers of Ural basin is forecasted by one or two days earlier than normal. Maximum levels of spring floods on most rivers of the Ural basin are expected to be mainly close to the norm or higher by 20-95 cm.

In late March, an extended meeting of the Republican flood commission will be held. More accurate forecasts and tasks arising in connection with them will be announced at it, the press service of the Government of Bashkortostan reports.