18 March 2014, Tuesday, 10:18

Two vacancies are officially accounted for each unemployed in Ufa

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Ufa job bank now contains 13,000 available jobs, the metropolitan employment service informs. Businesses and organizations sent to the Ufa Employment Centre information about 31.4 thousand available vacancies.

Today more than 6,7 thousand Ufa natives are registered at the employment service, almost 6.2 thousand of them — are unemployed. Accordingly, the tension coefficient, or the ratio of unemployed to the number of vacancies is 0.52. The registered unemployment rate is 1.1 percent.

Since the beginning of this year more than 2.4 thousand unemployed found work with the help of labour exchange. More than 500 Ufa residents were directed for free of charge training and retraining of occupations in demand in today's job market.

During this time 2.5 thousand people received a status of unemployed in the Bashkir capital. Nearly 2.7 thousand unemployed were stricken off the register, Ufa Employment Centre reports.

For the first two months of this year more than 7.5 thousand citizens found jobs with the help of the Employment Service. About 8.3 thousand people received a status of unemployed.