14 March 2014, Friday, 10:29

Cooperation issues between Agency for Strategic Initiatives and Bashkortostan were discussed in Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

A meeting on cooperation issues between the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Republic of Bashkortostan was in held Ufa on March 13.

It was attended by the Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives on new projects promotion Andrey Nikitin, public representative of the Agency Rustem Davletov, representatives of companies and entrepreneurs.

According to Andrey Nikitin, now issues of vocational secondary education come to the fore.

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives also works over the national entrepreneurial initiatives. The gist of it is that the business itself should identify the most sensitive issues, barriers and propose solutions. 11 road maps were prepared aimed at simplifying customs procedures, connection to the power grid, reducing the number of procedures for obtaining construction permits.

During the meeting, participants discussed how to increase availability of energy infrastructure, legal regulation of urban development activities. In addition, support tools of leadership projects by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives were studied.