07 March 2014, Friday, 13:47

At the age of 30 number of women becomes greater than men in Bashkortostan- statistics

author: Elvira Latypova

In Bashkortostan 2.2 million women live – that is 53 percent of the population. 1139 women are accounted for 1000 men. Bashkortostan Statistics Agency gives "female" statistics on the eve of March 8. Specialists have found that the ratio of men and women differ significantly in different age groups, and the predominance of male over female population in the region develops in the age group of over 30 years.

Traditionally more boys are born than girls: 950 girls per 1000 boys. This ratio changes over the years. To 70 years the number of women is twice as much as the number of men of the same age.

Statistics note an interesting fact: among centenarians (100 years old or more) 91 percent — are women. The average life expectancy of women in Bashkortostan is 75 years, men — 63.

Women comprise nearly half of the labour force of the republic. The average age of working women is 40 years. The fair sex is involved in practically all types of economic activities.

In the structure of employment female labour predominates in health care and social services (84 percent), education (81), trade, restaurant and hotel business (66). Many women are engaged in entrepreneurial activities (36 percent).

Statistics find that women employed in the economy have higher levels of education than men. 30.7 percent of working women have higher education, 28.9 percent — secondary professional education. Among men these figures are 19 and 21.2 percent, respectively.

There are a lot of women in academic activities. Thus, as of the beginning of 2014, 1346 from 2612 postgraduates or 52 percent were women. There are 75 candidates for a doctor's degree in the republic including 41 women. Exclusive predominance of female doctoral students is marked in art and social science, their number is significant in philosophy, economics and chemical science.