04 March 2014, Tuesday, 17:07

Largest in Russia pan-cake cake was baked in Ufa

author: Galina Bakhshieva

In honour of Pancake Day the biggest in Russian pancake cake was baked in Ufa. Its length was 4 metres 80 centimetres, width — 4 metres 50 centimetres, according to the website of city administration.

Organizers of the pancake festival were the «bUffet» restaurateurs club, StarHouse company and "Centre of School and Children's Meal» of Ufa and "TortAlina" confectionery.

According to the international judge of cooking championships, famous chef from Serbia Zoron Veljkovic, Ufa record for the title of Russia's biggest pancake cake took place and this was certainly to be known by the international culinary community.

As the organizers emphasized, such recognition on a global level would inspire them to new culinary records.