04 March 2014, Tuesday, 16:08

Federal budget received 30.2 million rubles from Bashkortostan for damage of roads by heavy trucks

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The country's budget received 30.2 million rubles from Bashkortostan for compensation of damage caused by heavy trucks to federal highways in 2013 against 19.1 million rubles established by Rosavtodor.

Payment of the state fee for issuance of special permits amounted to 4.7 million rubles. This is by 600,000 more than the figure established by the Federal Road Agency, the Directorate of the Highway Samara — Ufa — Chelyabinsk informs.

Total during the year of 2013 the Directorate issued more than 4.5 thousand special permits for road vehicles carrying heavy and (or) large-sized cargoes. 12.2 thousand routes of heavy vehicles were considered and approved.

As previously reported, tentatively three weight control stations of heavy vehicles will appear on federal roads of Bashkortostan in 2015. At present the design works of weight control stations are conducted in the republic. The estimated cost of each object is about 200 million rubles.

Equipment of these stations will monitor the passing heavy trucks in online mode.