27 February 2014, Thursday, 16:05

Bashkortostan agricultural sector will receive 1.065 billion rubles of subsidies from federal budget in 2014

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The Ministry of Agriculture RF conducts work on transferring subsidies to the regions.

Nationwide 14 440,000 million rubles are allocated for the provision of support to agricultural producers in the area of crop production this year. Of them 3 392 245 300 rubles are directed for reimbursement of a part of interest rate on short-term loans on development of industry, processing and marketing of crop production.

The Ministry of Agriculture of the country allocates 3 325.000 million rubles to support livestock breeding. 380.000 million rubles will be directed to assist the breeding beef cattle from Russia's federal budget.

Meanwhile, as the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan informs, our republic will receive 1.065 billion rubles for the above-mentioned goals from the federal budget in 2014.