26 February 2014, Wednesday, 16:49

It is planned to use UAVs in Bashkir Reserve

author: Marina Chepikova

The Bashkir State Reserve together with the specialists of "FINCO" company held a seminar on "Application of unmanned vehicles to meet the challenges of specially protected natural territories and forestry enterprises" at  Starosubhangulovo village of Burzyansky region.

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying over a pre-programmed route at a given height conducts photo and video shooting from small height in the automatic mode. All data are recorded in digital form and further processed by special computer programs. The result is high-quality digital images with accurate geo-references. After processing the images are ready for analysis in accordance with the tasks.

The deputy director for research work of the Bashkir Reserve Mars Nabiullin underlined the high potential of UAVs application for solving urgent tasks, such as emergency response, monitoring over movement of animals and flooding progress, control over snow and ice cover, patrolling local areas, combating illegal economic activity.