25 February 2014, Tuesday, 13:00

Yelistratov, Zakharov and Vilukhina received the Order of Friendship

author: Dmitry Slezin

In Sochi the Russian President met with winners of Winter Olympics 2014.

Speaking at the awarding ceremony of the Olympic athletes, Vladimir Putin said:

“I am sure that the medals that you won in honest and hard competition for each of us are of special value. They were obtained at home Winter Olympics in Sochi. You and I managed to do what we wanted. As they say we managed to make fortune knock at our gate due to your talent and your efforts. Thank you very much!” the President of the Russian Federation said.

Among the awardees were two alumni of Ufa short track sport Ruslan Zakharov and Semen Yelistratov. The head of the state awarded our athletes with the Order of Friendship.

On February 21 Ruslan Zakharov and Semen Yelistratov as part of the Russian team (Viktor An, Vladimir Grigoriev) won the "gold" in the 5000 m relay. Ufa runners will receive a reward of 1.5 million from the republic (not including federal incentives — 4 million rubles). The issue of providing housing for athletes it is also considered.

Also Olga Vilukhina, the alumnus of Bashkir sports, who won two biathlon silver medals at Winter Olympics 2014, was awarded the Order of Friendship.