24 February 2014, Monday, 10:22

Bobsledder Ilvir Huzin was just 3 cents from bronze at Winter Olympic in Sochi 2014

author: Dmitry Slezin

The competition of four-person bob was the next-to-last in the program of the Olympic Winter Games 2014. Now two-time Olympic champion Alexander Zubkov’s crew brought to Russia the 13th gold medal.

Latvian quartet won "silver". "Bronze" went to the United States.

Three cents of a second Americans were ahead of the Russian crew piloted by Alexander Kasyanov, where Ilvir Huzin from Bashkortostan competed — the fourth place, honorable and bitter.

Thus, Russia won the medal count of home Olympics having 13 gold, 11 silver and 9 bronze medals — total 33 medals.

The second were Norwegians — 11-5-10 (26), the third — Canadians 10-10-5 (25) .

Bashkir sportsmen have only two gold medals — Ufa residents Ruslan Zakharov and Semen Yelistratov who won 5000 m relay in short track together with Viktor An and Vladimir Grigoriev.