24 February 2014, Monday, 12:21

Results of Winter Olympics in Sochi: Bashkir short trackers Semen Yelistratov and Ruslan Zakharov with "gold"

author: Dmitry Slezin

In Sochi the XXII Winter Olympics finished. The Russian team won in the team tournament. The medal count of Russians includes 33 medals — 13 gold, 11 silver and 9 bronze. They are ahead of Norway — 26 medals (11-5-10) and Canada — 25 (10-10-5).

14 sportsmen from Bashkortostan competed as a part of the national team of Russia in Sochi.

Only short-trackers from Ufa — Semen Yelistratov and Ruslan Zakharov managed to get gold medals in the 5000m relay with Viktor An and Vladimir Grigoriev.

The rest of Bashkortostan Olympians have the following results:

Ski jumpers:

Dmitry Vasilyev — the 26th place on the Hill K-125, the 9th in the team tournament, Sochi Large Hill record — 144.5 m;

Ilmir Hazetdinov — the 35th place on the Hill K- 95, the 29th place on the K- 125, 9th place in the team tournament;

Nordic combined skier — Ernest Jachin — 9th place in the team tournament;

Bobsledder Ilvir Huzin (Alexander Kasyanov’s four-person bob) — 4th place with a loss of 0.03 seconds to "bronze" crew from the USA;

Anton Koprivitsa failed to qualify to compete in Snowboard Cross finishing his race on the 5th position;

Women’s Russian ice hockey team (from Ufa "Agidel") — Angelina Goncharenko, Inna Dyubanok, Alena Khomich, Anna Shibanova, Elena Dergacheva, Ekaterina Pashkevich — finished sixth in the Olympic tournament having lost to future "bronze" medal winners in the quarterfinals — Swiss team — 0 : 2.

Note also that the native of Mezhgorye, alumnus of Bashkir sports biathlete Olga Vilukhina won the "silver" in sprint, and in the women's relay race 4 x 6 km.