21 February 2014, Friday, 17:22

Seven recruits from Bashkiria were sent to alternative military service

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

In 2013, seven people are called up for alternative military service in Bashkortostan. Total since 2004 (since the date of adoption of the law "On alternative civilian service") 47 citizens were sent from the republic to such service.

“Mostly alternative service draftees serve as hospital attendants and cleaners of office premises in hospitals and homes for the elderly and disabled people,” the press-service of Bashkortostan military enlistment office informs.

Since January 1, 2008 the term of alternative civilian service is 21 months for those serving in "civilian" organizations and 18 months for those serving in the organizations of the Armed Forces as civilian personnel. It should be noted that the period of alternative service shall be included in the employment history and all activities are governed by the Labour Code.

In the autumn 2013 6700 people were called up for the Armed Forces. The greatest number of recruits was sent to the Land Forces — more than 3400 people.