19 February 2014, Wednesday, 14:08

Bashkir Satellite Television broadcast became available for all mobile devices

author: Gulfiya Akulova

It has become easier and more affordable to follow the events in the republic. Free official application of Bashkir Satellite TV (BST) for mobile devices has been issued. Until recently, BST was available online on Android mobile devices. Now you can watch the main channel of the republic on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS. Broadcast is available online and there is also a TV program guide.

As the TV Deputy Director of SUE Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Bashkortostan" Azamat Almukhametov said "there were many technological upgrades on BST last year. In particular, an opportunity appeared to watch the channel on the new generation of TVs — Smart TV. Cooperation with the Russian satellite television operator "Tricolor TV" allowed broadcasting BST in the central part of Russia and even in parts of Europe since October 1, 2013".