17 February 2014, Monday, 15:14

Russian federal newspaper wrote about social tourism in Bashkiria

author: Elmira Sabirova

In the next issue of the Russian newspaper «50 PLUS. Vse plusy zrelogo vorasta»  an article was published entitled «Bashkir Initiative», which tells about the unique target-oriented program "Social Tourism" operating in Bashkortostan since 2011.

“In the last issue of the newspaper a questionnaire was published to know better the needs of mature travelers. Later, a prize will be awarded among the questionnaire participants — a trip to a European country for eight days”, the press-secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection RB Rosa Kuzmenko informs. “The questionnaire can be printed out, filled in and submitted before April 30 by mail: the newspaper editorial office "50 PLUS", 26, Zoological Street, building 2, 123056, Moscow. The drawing will take place at "50 PLUS" on May 17.