14 February 2014, Friday, 16:05

Ufa is connected to the "University Network" project

author: Marina Chepikova

Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) one of the first in Russia joined the non-profit project "University Network" designed to draw attention to high technologies in the educational environment and popularize scientific research activities. A mobile network of LTE standard was launched at Ufa University within the project. One of the objectives of the "University Network" project is to find the points of application of modern mobile communications to various fields of research and production. The second objective is to promote best practices of e-learning, innovation activity among students and university staff.

JSC "Telecom Foundation" organizes in the USATU territory a wireless access area for sharing high-speed Internet traffic using 4G technology. It provides the university with 100 modems and necessary service equipment. This will allow students and teachers getting free access to educational and scientific information resources, including multimedia, participating in videoconferences, widely applying electronic technologies and e-learning.

"10 technologies that will change the world" lecture will be held for students and teachers on February 18. Journalists will be able to meet with the participants and organizers of the project.