14 February 2014, Friday, 12:40

Incomes of the population amounted to 36 thousand rubles per person in Bashkortostan in December - Statistics

author: Elvira Latypova

Nominal income per capita amounted to 36 011.7 rubles in the republic in December, by 8 percent higher than in December 2012, according Bashkortostanstat. While the average rate in 2013 — 24 041.2 rubles.

As the department of statistics of living standards and household surveys of Bashkortostan Statistics Agency informs, in December many businesses and organizations trying to close the fiscal year and pay wages for this month not in January but in December. As a result of this December incomes statistics is always much higher than average, and January incomes constitute 50-56 percent of this amount.

The monthly average of the fourth quarter is 30 342.9 rubles (growth — by 8.7 percent for October-December 2012).