11 February 2014, Tuesday, 17:16

Unique "edible" project "BashFarmer" is implemented in Ufa

author: Galina Bakhshieva

In Ufa a unique project «BashFarmer» has been started.

"BashFarmer" is sale through the Internet and delivery of natural and fresh food produced in Bashkortostan.

Today more and more customers, especially in big cities, prefer natural and healthy products, despite the abundance of supermarkets and large shopping malls.

Online store selling only local foods is designed for everyone. However, those who value their time and money enjoy services "BashFarmer" more than others. Typically, these are families having one or two children.

“Today, this market is open and in demand. It is not very difficult to buy farm products in the market. Just come and buy. Great disadvantage of such a purchase is lack of feedback from the seller. Our main advantage is that we have such feedback and we always know our supplier, we are responsible for products made by him,” Lyalya Kunakaeva, the head of the project says.

Farmers share in the regional gross agricultural output amounted eight percent last year. Special progress was made in plant breeding. Nearly one quarter of the grain produced in the region and sunflower seeds, as well as 14 percent of the sugar beet are accounted for the share of private (peasant) farms now.