11 February 2014, Tuesday, 15:34

Mortgage loans were issued on average for 14.5 years at 12.9 percent per annum in Bashkiria in 2013

author: Elvira Latypova

The weighted average term of mortgage loans was about 14.5 years in Bashkortostan in 2013, the weighted average rate — 12.9 percent per annum, the Bank of Russia informs.

During the year 36 342 ruble housing loans for 38 193 million rubles were issued in the republic, which is by 22.2 percent and 41.2 percent higher than in 2012, respectively.

Residents of Bashkortostan received 15 housing loans for 112 million rubles in foreign currency.

According to the Bank of Russia, the aggregate debt on ruble loans in the republic amounted to 65 360 million rubles at the beginning of 2014, exceeding the figure as of January 1, 2013 by 40 percent. The overdue debt was 430 million rubles.

Housing loans in foreign currency amounted to 462 million rubles, including overdue — 27 million rubles.