07 February 2014, Friday, 18:10

Inflation constituted 0.7 percent in Bashkiria in January

author: Elvira Latypova

January inflation in the republic developed at 0.7 percent. This is by 0.3 percent less than in January 2013, Bashkortostan Statistics Agency reports. Across Russia inflation was 0.6 percent in January.

More than others food products increased in price for a month in Bashkortostan — by 1.5 percent. Non-food products rose in price by 0.2 percent, services – by 0.5 percent.

Potatoes became more expensive by 14.8 percent, vegetables — by 14.5, lemons and grapes – by 11,4-12,8 in January. Increase in prices of certain types of dairy products and fish, cheese, chocolate, salt constituted 0.5-2.2 percent.

Prices for poultry meat, sugar, eggs decreased (by 1,5-7,2 percent).

Statistics noted a marked rise in excise goods prices: vodka by 6 percent, tobacco products — by 1.1 percent.

Nursery services (11.5 percent), certain types of medical services (0,6-9,9) rose in price. Taxi fare and bus fare climbed 4,8-6 percent, but long-distance trains fare decreased by 7.2 percent.

In the regions of the Volga Federal District CPI for goods and services ranges from 100.1 percent in Udmurtia to 101 percent in the Ulyanovsk Region.