04 February 2014, Tuesday, 17:46

German jazz band will perform songs with lyrics by the author from Bashkortostan

author: Elmira Sabirova

On February 5, in Ludwigsburg, Germany, a concert of Dresden jazz band "TriOzean" will be held,  which program will feature the songs "The Bells" and "Begin a Story" with lyrics by young poetess from Bashkortostan Christina Andrianova. In the autumn it is planned to record one of the concerts and release it on vinyl.

The TriOzean Group was formed by Olga Novikova, Lars Fedish and Krishan Tsaygner in 2006. The musicians define their style as "a mix of jazz with classical and modern rhythms". The band concerts are held in Dresden, Berlin, Weimar, Leipzig, Hamburg, Erfurt, Chemnitz, Dusseldorf and other German cities. Two CD-albums «Polar» and «Nocturne» were released in 2008 and 2012.

In the future, the TriOzean musicians intend to make a program from seven to eight light style Russian compositions. They also plan to make adaptations of Russian folk songs.