31 January 2014, Friday, 15:17

Consolidated budget of Bashkiria is executed with a deficit of about 17.5 billion rubles in 2013

author: Elvira Latypova

Consolidated budget revenues of Bashkortostan Republic as of January 1 developed in the sum of 154 027,5 million rubles, which is by 6.1 percent more than in 2012. Consolidated budget expenditures developed in the sum of 171 508,6 million rubles with growth of 10.6 percent, according to the Ministry of Finance RB. Thus, the deficit amounted to 17 481,1 million rubles.

Tax and non-tax revenues comprised in total revenues of the consolidated budget — 126 332,9  mln. rubles, which is by 6.1 percent more than in 2012. The main sources were personal income tax (33 percent of all tax and non-tax revenues), corporate income tax (25.2), excise taxes (13.5), property taxes (10.9). The corporate income tax revenues last year fell by 1.4 percent. Personal income tax revenues increased — by 10.4 percent, property tax – by 22.2 percent, excise taxes – by 15.1 percent.

Uncompensated receipts for the year increased by 6 percent and amounted to 27 694,6 mln rubles (18 percent of tax and non-tax revenues).

Social component formed 74.7 percent of the sectoral structure of spending. 26 060,8 mln rubles (15.2 percent of total expenditures) were directed to capital investments and road infrastructure.

The budget of Bashkortostan Republic for 2013 developed with a deficit of 17 499,1 mln rubles: revenues amounted to 121 696,2 mln rubles (104.2 percent compared to 2012), spending — 139 139 195,3 rubles (111.5 percent).