31 January 2014, Friday, 13:45

Shamil Ghantsev will represent Bashkortostan in the new structure of the Russian Public Chamber

author: Galiya Nabieva

The Director of the Institute of Oncology of Bashkir State Medical University Shamil Ghantsev is nominated to the member of the Public Chamber of Russia. Vladimir Putin began to form a new structure of the Public Chamber.

The President has identified 40 candidates of citizens with special merits to the state and society, and sent them an offer to join the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, according to Kremlin.ru.

At least half of those whom the President proposes to enter the Russian Public Chamber will represent trade unions, creative unions, employers' associations and unions, professional associations, and other non-profit organizations established to represent and protect the interests of professional and social groups. The Public Chamber is formed of 40 citizens approved by the President of the Russian Federation and 83 representatives of the Public Chamber of regions. 43 candidates are offered by Russian public associations.

The first meeting of the new Chamber must be held on July 1. Before that date, the powers of the current Public Chamber of Russia are valid.