30 January 2014, Thursday, 16:27

Bashneft will direct 20 million rubles for social projects in Orenburg Region in 2014

author: Elvira Latypova

A Protocol for 2014 to the Agreement on economic and social development of the Orenburg Region concluded in 2013 between the regional government and JSOC Bashneft was approved by the Governor Yuriy Berg and Bashneft President Alexander Korsik on Thursday.

The document provides funding by Bashneft the infrastructure and social projects of the Orenburg Region in the sum of 20 million rubles. According to the website of the regional government, the geography of charitable assistance will expand in the current year – it is planned funding for several projects in Alexandrovsky, Octyabrsky, Perevolotsky and Orenburg Regions where Bashneft conducts oil extraction.

Bashneft enterprises in the Orenburg Region operate in the sphere of oil extraction and oil products supply. Bashneft-Extraction LLC conducts oil exploration and extraction at Kitayamsko-Blagodarovsky and Dachno-Repinsky licensed fields (151,000 tons were extracted in 2013). In 2013 Bashneft sold more than 600 thousand tons of oil products in the region. The oil company subsidiaries transferred more than 1 billion rubles of tax payments to the regional budget.