30 January 2014, Thursday, 14:11

Unified check-in system to appear at the Ufa airport

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Ufa International Airport signed a framework agreement with Asteros Labs Company on implementation of Asteros Contact Avia software. The program is able to combine the data from all check-in systems of the airport and its universal working interface allows registration of passengers of different airlines making flights to Ufa.

Currently, each airline has its own check-in program. After launching a joint program it will possible to get your boarding pass and register luggage at all the check-in counters. This will significantly reduce queues at peak hours, and allow considering interests of the business class passengers and passengers with limited mobility. After the introduction of Asteros Contact Avia a separate check-in counter will be allocated for them.

Asteros Contact Avia program as a pilot project was implemented at Sheremetyevo and the "Mineralnyae Vody" International Airport. Implementation of the system at the Ufa International Airport will take place in three stages and will be completed in May.