29 January 2014, Wednesday, 18:07

Bashkir Electric Grid Company introduced "Frosts" regime throughout the republic

author: Elvira Latypova

On January 29, JSC "Bashkir Electric Grid Company" (BESK) introduced the "Frosts" regime throughout the republic. The day before the high alert regime due to frosts was established at all sites of Bashkir generating company.

As the press service of BESK informs, for the last day sensors fixed the temperatures drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius (in Nurimanovsky region of the republic). The trend towards frosts increasing remains.

The "Frosts" regime provides a series of special measures in the power grid system — organizational and technical. All BESK subsidiaries formed offices for immediate response to possible abnormalities and elimination of deviations from norms in the shortest possible time. The personnel is given special instructions. Damage control teams and equipment are placed on high alert. For this period repair and preventive, scheduled and off-schedule works at power grid objects are canceled.