28 January 2014, Tuesday, 14:15

Russian Drama Theatre will continue the season with "Love of People" play

author: Gulfiya Akulova

The "Love of People" by the young Belarusian playwright Dmitry Bogoslavsky will continue the theatrical season of the Russian Drama Theatre. Professionals name the play as one of the most interesting events in the world of contemporary Russian drama. It was included in the short list of the contest "Eurasia", was marked at the Young Drama Festival "Lyubimovka".

In the centre of the play is the eternal theme of relationships between a man and a woman. A modern story sounds harsh and shows not only the bright side of the life, but also its unsightly realities. The drama tells about senseless and unrestrained way of life in the remote village where love is accompanied with violence, and daily easy time with alcohol.

The parts are performed by Nicholay Richter, Tatiana Ahromenko, Gregory Nikolaev, Olga Lopukhova, Valentina Grinkova, Anna Asabina, Sergey Mikheyev, Anastasia Sidorenko, Irina Busygina, Timur Garipov. The performance starts at 19 o’clock.