28 January 2014, Tuesday, 13:59

During severe frosts children are allowed not go to school - Ministry of Education RB

author: Elmira Sabirova

In Bashkortostan, within a few days the temperatures will drop to minus 30 degrees Celsius and lower. In this regard throughout the republic the temperatures range is set, at which students are allowed not attending classes, however all schools operate.

In the elementary school – from 1st to 4th grades classes are canceled at 23 degrees below zero in rural areas, at 25 degrees below zero in cities.

Students of 5-9 grades in rural schools do not have to go to school at 25 degrees below zero, in urban schools — at 27 degrees below zero. High school students in rural areas do not have to attend classes at 30 degrees below zero, in cities — at 32 degrees below zero, according to the Ministry of Education RB.

This information is only of recommendation type. Parents have the right to decide for themselves should their children go to school or not.