27 January 2014, Monday, 15:31

Fire occurred because of gas water heater in Ufa

author: Olga Murtazina

In Ufa residential district an improper operation or malfunction of the gas water heater led to a fire in a three-room apartment in M.Jalil Street. The fire damaged the kitchen, there are no injured people and fatalities. Three tenants left the premises speedily. The cause of the fire is being established.

"Before turning on a gas water heater, make sure that the valves are closed, there is no smell of gas in the room. You need to check the serviceability of ventilation by opening the window, and make sure you have draft in the fume collection tube. Never use the gas water heater with low draft or malfunction", Elena Artemova, the press service head of "22 squad of the Federal Fire Service on RB" reminds.