22 January 2014, Wednesday, 17:15

More than 1.7 tons of milk were purchased at the residents of Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Since the beginning of 2014, 1744 tons of milk were purchased at the residents of Bashkortostan, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs.

Currently dairy surplus purchasing from population is conducted in 44 regions. Baimaksky, Ilishevsky, Sharansky regions are the leaders, where from 114 to 160 tons of milk were acquired since the beginning of this year.

Meanwhile, according to the Agricultural Consulting Centre RB, from the first days of January the gross yield across the republic exceeded 68.7 thousand tons, of which more than 29 000 tons are sold.

More than 31 and about 27.3 thousand tons of milk are accounted for the share of agricultural enterprises and peasant farms respectively.