21 January 2014, Tuesday, 17:17

Bashkir radio stations are prize contenders in the prestigious competition

author: Alik Shakirov

The Bashkir information and music radio stations "Yuldash" and "Ashkadar" are in the list of contenders for the victory in one of the most prestigious Russian awards in the field of radio broadcasting — Radio Station Awards 2014. This is the first independent award that uses every vote in Runet.

"Yuldash" and "Ashkadar" are nominated as "The Best Radio Station of Volga Federal District 2014".  It is possible to support your favorite radio and vote for it on the website of the award. Total 24 radio stations are presented in this category; "Yuldash" radio is in the top five with over 2000 votes. "Ashkadar" is on 18th position.

You can vote for your favorite radio also via SMS and social networks. Send SMS to the short number 7515 to vote.

On May 30, 2014 the best radio stations of the country will be determined, the press service of the Agency for Press and Media RB informs.