21 January 2014, Tuesday, 16:08

60 percent of Russians monitor changes in the pension system - VTSIOM

author: Elvira Latypova

More than half of Russians (60 percent) are aware of changes in the pension system. Of these, 17 percent monitor changes constantly, and 43 percent — from time to time. 39 percent of the country's inhabitants admitted lack of interest in the "pension" topic. This is evidenced by the results of the study conducted in 42 regions by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTSIOM).

Middle-aged people (68 percent of 35-44 -year-olds and 73 percent of 45-59 -year-olds), residents of medium-sized cities (68 percent) and respondents with high income (71 percent) more often than others monitor the changes in the pension system.

Most respondents (66 percent) believe that pension contributions should be mandatory. Of these, 48 percent say that the people themselves start to think about their retirement savings too late. 18 percent of respondents think that the issue of pension savings and their management should be regulated only by an employee and its employer. One in four (24 percent) of respondents believes that the retirement savings should be voluntary.

During the survey 1,600 people were interviewed. The statistical error does not exceed 3.4 percent, VTSIOM reports.