17 January 2014, Friday, 13:05

First Bashkir volunteers for Olympics 2014 will depart to Sochi during Twelfthtide

author: Dmitry Slezin

On January 19, a solemn farewell ceremony of volunteers "Sochi- 2014" departing to the capital of XXII Winter Olympics will be held at the Ufa railway station.

26 volunteers from Ufa will be among the first to go to work in Sochi. All of them have been waiting for this event for a long time — they have passed a rigorous selection and training.

Total 25 thousand volunteers will be involved at the Games in Sochi: 13000 – of general specialisation, 8000 — volunteer professionals working in special industries, and 4000 volunteers-athletes.

Selection and training of volunteers was conducted in 26 volunteer centres across the country for the first time in history of the Games.