31 December 2013, Tuesday, 14:26

Arina and Artem became the most popular names in Bashkortostan in 2013

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

Arina and Artem were the most popular names in 2013, the deputy chief of the General Register Office of Bashkortostan Alsu Fattakhova reports.

Most often newborn girls were given names such as Arina, Victoria, Anastasia, Samira, Azalia, Daria, Sophia, Diana, Valeria, Polina. The "top ten" of the most popular male names included Artem, Timur, Amir, Kyril, Daniel, Maxim, Egor, Arslan, Roman, Arthur.

Alsu Fattakhova also reported that for the past ten years in Bashkortostan born more boys than girls were born. Following 11 months of the year 54 886 children were born, which is considerably higher than indexes of the last year in the republic.

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