30 December 2013, Monday, 17:06

Security measures tightened at Ufa bus stations

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Security measures are tightened at Ufa bus stations in connection with the terrorist attacks in Volgograd, the Deputy Director General for Passenger Transport SUE "Bashavtotrans" Sergey Pascin informs.

“Metal detection arches are installed at bus stations,” he said. “Yesterday, at an operational meeting it was decided to conduct additional luggage examination.”

On December 29, in Volgograd an attack occurred at the railway station killing 17 people, injuring more than 40. On Monday, December 30, an explosion occurred in a trolleybus. According to some reports 10 people were killed. Eyewitnesses say that there is “panic in Volgograd, people come out of transport and go on foot".