30 December 2013, Monday, 13:03

Prices at existing homes market rose by 4 percent in Ufa

author: Elvira Latypova

The average asked price per square metre at existing homes market was about 61.5 thousand rubles in Ufa on December 25. According to SUN "Expert" real-estate agency, prices increased by 4 percent in this segment from the beginning of the year.

Most expensive square metres are traditionally in one-room apartments: 63.7 thousand rubles. Over the last month they lost 1 percent in price. In the secondary market two- room apartments are offered at an average of 60.3 thousand rubles per square metre, as in the previous month. Three-room apartments are 59.4 thousand rubles per square metre, multiroom apartments — 62.2 thousand rubles (in both categories — plus 1.5 percent for a month).

Housing prices vary significantly depending on the residential area. Maximum average price per square metre was registered by the SUN "Expert" in the downtown of the capital: 71.5 thousand rubles. Then Zelenaya Roscha district goes (66.5 thousand rubles), October Avenue (64.9 thousand rubles), Sipailovo (63.9), Chernikovka (55.8), Inors (54.6), Deoma (53.3), Zaton (50.3), Shaksha (44).