27 December 2013, Friday, 16:44

Konstantin Tolkatchev: "Next year we will witness interesting legislative initiatives"

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

The Chairman of the State Assembly — Kurultay RB Konstantin Tolkatchev informed about the outcome of the fifth convocation of the republican parliament for the autumn session at a press conference with journalists. Opening the conference the speaker mentioned the main points of the Presidential Address to the deputies of Bashkortostan Republic.

“In our view, all the major painful points associated with the regional development, governance improving, strengthening of consolidation between the government institutions and civil society got quite depth coverage. We are encouraged by the impulses that came from the Address, and some work is already carried out, so that all the key positions will be put into practice by the State Assembly and other recipients of the Address,” Konstantin Tolkachev said.

The Speaker also pointed out that this Address was not only to the deputies, but also to our society, to our people, to the Government.

Summarizing the work of parliamentarians, the Chairman of the State Assembly said that the working conditions were intense during the reporting period.

“I think we will see many interesting legislative initiatives that our deputies will submit not only to the regional but also to the federal level,” Konstantin Tolkachev noted.

As the Speaker of the Parliament added the formation of the Association of Deputies working in Ufa would continue in 2014.