27 December 2013, Friday, 16:05

Bashkortostan chicken and a number of utility services are the cheapest in the Volga Federal District - statistics

author: Elvira Latypova

A review of prices for consumer goods and services in the subjects of the Volga Federal District as of December 23 was published by Bashkortostan Statistics Agency. By most indices the region is located in the mid of the price rating. In Bashkortostan some positions are distinguished with lowest prices.

Thus, the republic has the lowest average price for chicken meat (besides chicken legs) — 92.69 rubles per kilogram (prices for this product are in the range of 92.73 — 106.39 rubles in the remaining entities of Volga Federal District). In four regions of the Volga Federal District, including Bashkortostan, the lowest tram fare is set — 12 rubles (in other regions 13 — 20 rubles). Also heating is the cheapest in the republic — 18.42 rubles per square metre of floor area (19.43 — 32.29 rubles), hot water — 236.84 rubles per month per person (257.77 — 400.97 rubles) and electricity supply services — 218.37 rubles per 100 kW ( 218.55 — 283.7 rubles).

themes: prices, rating