27 December 2013, Friday, 10:23

Head of National Bank RB gave a positive forecast of republican banks development

author: Elvira Latypova

The situation in all ten national credit institutions is stable, the development forecast is positive, the chairman of the National Bank of Bashkortostan Marat Kashapov said at the meeting with the heads of media on Thursday.

According to him, there are no reasons to worry about. It is marked only a certain slowdown of individual deposits growth.

Answering the question about the outflow of funds of depositors from some credit institutions into another Marat Kashapov replied that substantial cash flow was not observed. Balances of the banks are almost the same as at the beginning of 2013.

The Chairman of the National Bank RB and media executives signed a memorandum of cooperation. The document which earlier was in effect is revised according to new tasks. In particular, a working procedure of the National Bank with the media is defined.