25 December 2013, Wednesday, 14:25

In 2014, quotas for disabled people employment to be set for companies numbering more than 35 people

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

In 2014, two percent quota for employment of persons with disabilities will be established in companies numbering more than 35 people, the Minister of Labour and Social Support Lenara Ivanova said at the meeting in the Government RB devoted to the implementation of Presidential Decrees signed in May.

Earlier obligation to employ disabled people providing them with specialized workplaces was imposed on enterprises with over 100 people of staff.

In Bashkiria in 2010, 788 disabled people were employed for jobs with equipped workplaces, 554 of which continue to work. In the next two years it is planned to create 572 jobs more for unemployed people with disabilities. The average size of grants allocated for employers to adapt a workplace for a disabled person amounts to 66.2 thousand rubles.