18 December 2013, Wednesday, 19:16

Bashkir honey will be offered to participants and guests of the Winter Olympics in Sochi

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The Bashkir Research Centre on Beekeeping and Apitherapy will present the branded republican product — honey — at the XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi.

In general, 17 participants were selected across Russia, including the Bashkir Beekeeping Centre which will send their branded products to the Winter Olympics 2014. The purpose is to present our country to foreign guests in all its diversity.

As the head of the Bashkir Research Centre on Beekeeping and Apitherapy Amir Ishemgulov informs, participants and visitors of the Olympics 2014 will be offered several types of honey, including white honey, floral honey and buckwheat honey, as well as numerous medical and cosmetic preparations using beekeeping products, total more than 100 types. It is planned to take from Bashkortostan to Sochi about five tons of honey and honey products.

About 30,000 athletes, journalists and visitors of Winter Olympics in Sochi from all over the world will live in the vicinity of the venue of the All-Russia Exhibition Brand Fair. It is expected that the exhibition will be visited by 70 thousand people not taking into account local residents.