18 December 2013, Wednesday, 16:05

Bashkir alumni put themselves on record at the World Mind Games

author: Dmitry Slezin

III World Mind Games took place in Beijing from December 11 to 18.

Tamara Tansykkuzhina and Alexander Georgiev participated in the draughts tournaments from Bashkortostan. 28 draughts players from Asia, Europe and Africa competed there.

The reigning world champion Alexander Georgiev showed the best result among men considering result of all three tournaments, having won gold and silver awards.

Fivefold world champion Tamara Tansykkuzhina won three medals — two silver and bronze — and showed the best result among draughts players.

The members of the executive committee of the International Drafts Federation (Ufa) Alexey Chizhov and Matrona Nogovitsyna won three medals: Chizhov – bronze, Nogovitsyna — gold and bronze. The ex-player of "Bashneft" draughts club (Ufa) Alexander Schwarzman became the champion in super blitz. Russia draughts players won 9 medals in the overall team scoring – the best result in the Russian delegation at the World Mind Games.