18 December 2013, Wednesday, 13:32

Construction of two oil barges is began in Bashkiria

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The construction of two new oil barges is started at the shipyard JSC "Blagoveschenskaya fleet repair base", the press service of the State Committee on Transport and Road Facilities informs.

The vessels will be named "Nika" and "Apollinariya". The keel laying ceremony of the vessels was held in Blagoveshchensk on Tuesday.

Non-propelled barges are designed for transportation of petroleum products with a flashpoint above 60 degrees. The vessels are intended for use in areas of mixed navigation "river-sea". The vessels satisfy dimensions of the Volga-Don Ship Canal and Volga-Baltic Waterway. The length of the barge is 108 meters, width — 16.8 metres, height — 4.75 metres. The total capacity of 12 tanks is 5836 cubic metres.