17 December 2013, Tuesday, 17:00

Index of industrial production was 102.5 percent in Bashkortostan for 11 months

author: Elvira Latypova

The industrial production index amounted to 102.5 percent in the republic in January- November compared to the same figure of 2012, according to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency. Total value over Russia was recorded at the level of 99.9 percent.

Statistics noted positive trend in the current year output of pulp and paper production, publishing and printing (144.3 percent compared to January-November 2012), manufacture of vehicles (115.3), metallurgy, electrical equipment manufacture (109.8 -110.6), wood processing, petroleum products (103,2-103,6), mining, leather and footwear manufacturing (104,1-104,8), generation and distribution of electricity, gas and water, machinery and equipment production, other non-metallic mineral products (100,5-101).

However, textile and garment enterprises (15.6 percent), chemical manufactures (10.2) reduced their output. Decrease in food products, rubber and plastic products manufacturing amounted to 0.6-0.7 percent.