17 December 2013, Tuesday, 12:06

Zemfira Ramazanova published a record of the December concert tour-2013

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Zemfira Ramazanova published a record of the final concert of her tour in support of the album "Live in your head" on the YouTube channel.

The concert took place at the State Central Concert Hall "Russia" in Luzhniki on December 14. The performance was filmed by the team of 23 experts from Germany and 10 cameras.

The concert was broadcast online on the official channel of the singer.

Not only Zemfira’s musicians were full participants of the concert, but fans who organized several flash mobs. During the song "Blues" they raised glasses above their heads together with the singer. The broadcast was stopped after the song "We are crashing" at the end of which Zemfira twice jumped into the crowd. The record of the concert did not include a performance of The Uchpochmak group, where Zemfira’s nephews Arthur Ramazanov and Artem Ramazanov play. After turning off the camera fans enjoyed Lightbulbs and Someday compositions.